Welcome to our website!

Thank you for joining us on this part of your faith journey.  On this website you will discover the many ways we are answering God's call to be followers of Christ.  As a church family, we give thanks that God has called each of us to this congregation.  We give thanks that the Holy Spirit continues to strengthen us as we strive to use the gifts we have been given to share God's love with our community and the world.

Whether you are a long-time part of our worshiping community, a new addition or an explorer looking for a church home, we welcome you as you join us on this leg of our journey.  Together we can join in living out our mission statement:

We, the United Church of Woodhull, as a part of the body of people who believe that Jesus is Lord, gather together to worship and educate.  We depart to proclaim and witness to this belief through God's love and grace.